Dominating Organic Traffic Facebook

Dominating Organic Traffic Facebook

Hello friend Unlimitedmakemoney, article Dominating Organic Traffic Facebook we have prepared for you.

The key with unlocking traffic is by helping your audience with what they are struggling with

  1. Find out who your dream customer is?
    Who are these people? Who do you want to work with?
    Where do they hang out?
    What are their heaven(desires) and hell (pain)?
    What keeps them up at night? find them – get to know them so you can send the right message to them.
  2. Create valuable Content
    With Organic Traffic, you need to create valuable content. This is mostly a struggle for newbies as they find it hard to come up with content ideas. One way to come up with good content is via self development books you read , training and podcast you listen to on a daily basis.You can make some notes and teach it back as value to help your audience.
    Organize your content better and meet them where they are at. Get rid of the fear of giving away too much. Make your content about your avatar not yourself
  3. Start a Facebook Group
    Facebook groups are trending and a great organic way of building a community or your tribe. if done right, and time and work are put into growing it,magic does happen. Invest Time, love and energy in your Group and you will see that it pays off massively(compound effect).
  4. Get ACTIVE in Groups where your audience is
    Hang out where your dream clients are. Interact, network and answer questions in the group Don’t be a silent observer Post often value based content This will make you the “Go To Person” as people will begin to notice you. Share your story, struggles and share your expertise and make people think “this person is all over the place”
    Its like going to a party and being the best dancer Everyone will remember you because your dance moves were crazy and you were soo entertaining they had a good laugh. Same analogy with showing up in groups ad offering your expertise
  5. Use YOUR Personal Facebook Profile as a funnel
    Make sure your profile is set up properly and lets your audience know what you can help them with. Have a profile photo of you and not your cat or dog Your cover photo should tell your audience what you do You profile should not look like a product billboard or sales catalogue keep it clean from company names and attractive
    Be consistent by showing up daily. Remember as you show up more often in groups people will begin to check your profile
    Your Facebook Profile drives more traffic to your business
    Its the front door to your business and so by keeping an attractive profile and leading with value you will not only drive traffic, but also build up a solid brand for yourself making you an authority in your niche, Do not be afraid to give,give, give everything you know.
    Always lead with value first – before making an offer
    6.Build Your Audience
    Add people from fan pages of Gurus and sponsored post in your niche
    To take it a step further to learn more about organic traffic register here for a free training.
Dominating Organic Traffic Facebook
Dominating Organic Traffic Facebook

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